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Job Seeker Services

Northwest Michigan Works! serves job seekers of northwest lower Michigan

Job seekers receive help with writing résumés, career information, job search, interest assessments, and more in the job seeker resource rooms. Career Advisors assist eligible job seekers with accessing publicly-funded programs for returning to school or on the job training. 



Northwest Michigan Works!
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Our Many Services:

Career Planning

Career Planning Workshops guide you through the process of determining the best career fit for you. We use web-based tools to gauge your interests and work values, and create a list of possible career choices. You can then research those career choices, learn which are in demand in our region, and decide on the option that is best.

Career Advisors will then assist you in developing a plan for preparing for that career. This may include training in a classroom or on the job, focused job search, and/or networking.

See the calendar at your local Service Center for a schedule of Career Planning Workshops, or call to sign up.


Classroom Training

Classroom Training offers assistance in learning new skills in order to get a job that is in demand in your area.


Trade Act Program

The Trade Act program (also called TAA or TGAAA) offers financial assistance to workers who have lost their jobs due to competition from companies in other countries. The benefits may include the costs of training for a new career and extended unemployment payments while in training. The company affected must be certified by the U.S. Department of Labor.


PATH (Welfare Reform)

PATH is a program for people receiving cash assistance. To be eligible, you must be referred from the Department of Human Services. The program includes required attendance and participation in activities such as Job Search and Job Readiness, Work Experience, Community Service, and more. Participants must account for a minimum number of hours in the program in order to receive their cash assistance payments.


Job Search Assistance

Each Northwest Michigan Works! Service Center hosts a Resource Room, which is open to the general public for job search purposes. Internet-connected computers, copiers, fax machine, and phones are available. A job board displays current job openings.

Also, Career Advisors are available for one-on-one assistance with career planning, job search guidance, resume-writing and interviewing skill development.


Adult Education Learning Labs

Learning Labs offer GED Preparation, English as a Second Language, Math and Language basic skill upgrades, and much more.


On-the-Job Training

On-the-Job Training is a type of training offered under the Northwest Michigan Works! Business Services. A company hires a job seeker as a permanent employee, and gets reimbursed a portion of the individual's wages in order to train him or her for the job. Please contact a local Michigan Works! business liaison for more information.


Rehabilitation Services

Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS) counselors are available for individual appointments in every Northwest Michigan Works! Service Center. MRS assists individuals with disabilities in obtaining employment. Visit or call 922-5260 (TTY/Voice: 922-5260).


Résumé Writing

Résumé writing assistance is available in a variety of ways. The computers in every Resource Room have résumé-writing software, which guide you through the process in easy to follow steps. Also, staff are available for basic assistance with the computers.

Résumé writing workshops are offered in the Service Centers every week. See the calendar section of the Service Center web site nearest you.

Career Advisors are available for one-on-one assistance with résumé writing.
Download a Résumé Tracking Sheet to help you in your job search.


Skills and Interest Assessments

Interests assessments are conducted at the Career Planning workshop once per week in every Service Center. Use the results of these assessments to determine the best career path for you.

Skills assessments are conducted through the WorkKeys system at the Career Assessment workshop. The WorkKeys test measure your ability to perform in math, reading, and locating information on the job. The combination of these three tests result in a National Career Readiness Certificate, which can be presented to potential employers.


Veterans Services

Northwest Michigan Works! complies with the Jobs for Veterans Act by giving veterans and eligibile spouses priority status for all programs.

In addition, staff from the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth are available in every Northwest Michigan Works! Service Center to provide intensive services to veterans and eligibile spouses of veterans.


Agricultural Employment Specialist

Agricultural Employment Specialists from the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth are located in the Traverse City and Manistee Service Centers. They offer specialized employment assistance to migrant and seasonal farm workers and work directly with agricultural employers.



Northwest Michigan Works! recently launched the "Discover Yourself" series of workshops. A variety of short workshops are offered in every Service Center. They include Job Seeker 101, Intro to Interviewing, Personal Action Plan, Study Skills, Teamwork, and much more. Click here to view workshop descriptions. Visit the calendar section of the Service Center web site nearest you for a schedule.


Youth Services

Northwest Michigan Works! offers specialized employment services for youth ages 16 to 21. This includes work experience programs, credit recovery, drop-out prevention, and more. We also partner with the Charlevoix Public School district to offer high school completion at a residential alternative school on Beaver Island.


Northwest Michigan Business Atlas Northwest Michigan Works! Job Seeker Services are listed as business resources on the Northwest Michigan Business Atlas.